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Earguru limited, working in conjunction with Crossgates chiropody and therapy are delighted to offer customers a totally encompassing hearing solution providing class leading independent and impartial hearing advice to Leeds postcodes including Crossgates, seacroft, thornier and even as far as Tadcaster and Wetherby.

With 15 years Audiology experience and fully certified wax removal specialist the services provided by Earguru limited are second to none.

We offer the latest in Micro Suction Ear Wax removal techniques without the waiting times of the NHS for a highly competitive fee of £50 per session.

We also offer complete hearing tests and hearing solutions from every manufacturer so that you can be rest assured that the solution recommended is the correct just for your needs whether that is the smallest, the most connectable, rechargeable or power solutions for profound losses. Whatever your needs we can provide it, as the most competitive prices with leading aftercare and service.

Micro Suction Ear Wax Removal

This is the safest and most comfortable solution for removing wax blockages from your ears, and all this can be done in the comfort of your own home or at one of our sites.

Hearing Aid Solutions

We offer the possibility of using any manufacturer on the market place at market leading prices.m We offer complete flexibility when choosing the aids and service by tailor making a specific package for you.

Ear Protection

We help the thousands of people who work or play in noisy environments. We have linked up with several partners to be able to offer the latest in Hearing Protection.

Hearing Aid Servicing

We are totally independent so we can offer servicing on your current hearing aids on most models or manufacturers, at a standardised cost plus cost of repairs, parts etc. We can also replace most Ear Moulds, Recievers and many other parts from most manufacturers.

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Simon Edwards

ear guru at crossgates therapy Simon Edwards

Tel: 07788 602450

Email: earguru@outlook.com

Web: www.earguru.co.uk

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This ear wax removal was honestly one of the best purchases I’ve ever made, didn’t… “I didn’t realise how blocked my ears really were”

Joey Williamson
15th April 2020

Thank you so much Simon, very professional, super knowledgeable and really flexible with appointment times.… “Super knowledgeable and really flexible with appointment times”

Rebecca Harvey
15th April 2020


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