Sue Carrol, Professional Psychic Medium & Spiritual Healer

I am a psychic Medium, and since my teens I have had the ability to detect the energies of those that have passed over to the Spirit world. I am privileged to hear, see and feel Spirit and I use this ability to conduct readings for people to connect them with their loved ones who have passed over, who can, through me, give my clients messages and the comfort that even though the physical body dies, the spirit lives on eternally.

I have trained to develop my skills with some of the top mediums in the UK, and I now do personal readings and audience demonstrations across the UK and also in Spain, the Canary Islands and even in Iceland.

I write articles for magazines about spiritual issues and often my features include some of the amazing things I have done working for Spirit which range from hosting a weekly radio show on the worldwide station A1R Psychic Radio, called Sue Carrol’s Psychic Connections, to being called upon to clear an unquiet Spirit trapped in a car showroom in Sheffield!

What to expect from a Reading

If you have never had a spiritual reading before, don’t worry there is nothing to be anxious about, as any Spirits that make contact through me will only be from your own family, friends and acquaintances. I will first make a connection with the Spirits I see around you, and then once they have provided me with enough evidence for you to identify them, they will assist me to conduct the reading – because of course, they know you and I don’t!

Depending on the strength of the connection and how good they are at linking with me, it may be just like a three-way conversation between you, me and the Spirit – or I may use a range of other tools to assist them to get their message across clearly to you, such as Tarot cards, chakra stones, or Oracle cards. I am managing the energy connection at all times, and will make sure that we disconnect safely at the end of the reading, so please don’t be afraid that they will be following you home!

Personal Spiritual Readings: One-hour private session £40.

What is Indian Head Massage with spiritual Healing?

The ancient art of Indian Head Massage originates in India and goes back at least 2000 years. It was introduced to the Western world in the 1970s and 80s in a form called Champissage. This is the form of Indian Head Massage that I practise and am qualified in, which includes massage not only to the head but also to the neck and shoulders, making it very relaxing and particularly good for stress and tension relief. It is also very convenient and practical, as it is done seated, you do not need to undress and I do not use any oils on your hair during the massage.

As part of Indian Head Massage, the practitioner connects energetically with their client, and because I am a Medium (which simply means The Middle Person) this opens up the connection for me to also channel spiritual healing, which is just energy from the Universe outside of the physical body that connects into our own energetic fields to boost and realign them. This is similar to the practice of Reiki, but whereas Reiki follows a particular discipline and process as to how the energy is delivered, I am simply free-flowing the healing because this is a natural part of my mediumistic ability to connect to other energies, and you may feel a warm or tingling sensation in areas where you have pain or stiffness as the energy naturally goes where it is needed. It does NOT mean that I am going to give you a reading or messages during your massage, as that is not the purpose of the treatment.

Indian Head Massage with Spiritual Healing. One-hour session £40.

What is an Open Circle?

On Tuesday evenings I hold an Open Circle at the Centre, starting at 6.30 pm. An Open Circle is, as the name suggests, open to anyone who:

  • Would like to learn to meditate, whether for health or spiritual reasons;
  • Feels they may have some psychic or spiritual ability which they would like to explore and learn to manage safely;
  • Is interested in finding out more about spirituality and spiritual practices.

The 2 hour session starts with a short lecture on a spiritual topic from me, followed by a relaxing guided meditation, after which we discuss our experiences during the meditation and explore what they may mean for us.

We then have a break for a cuppa and in the second half of the session I teach techniques for developing our spiritual practice in a fun and informal way.

I can guarantee that you will leave the session feeling uplifted and mentally refreshed, and with regular attendance you will not only develop your own skills but make new friends with like-minded people.

Unlike a Closed Circle, you do not have to attend every week (we all have other commitments from time to time) but my experience of running a Circle is that most people very much look forward to the weekly group and come as often as they can.

Tuesdays, 6.30 – 8.30 pm. £8 per person.

Sue Carrol

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