HATHA YOGA with Moon at Crossgates Therapy Centre

What is Hathga Yoga?

Hatha Yoga, literally means the Sun and the Moon, or force, it involves the conscious use of breathing with physical positioning and meditation to help balance the connection of body, mind and spirit. It is considered gentle, with a slow and easy flow, but can still be physically and mentally challenging.

Moon Liew Yoga

How does Yoga help?

Regular yoga practice can offer:-

  • A leaner, toned, more flexible body
  • Improved stamina and sports performance
  • Improve strength and balance
  • Improve your breathing rhythm
  • Relief from chronic pain
  • Relaxation and stress relief
  • Mental calm and clarity

More important, Yoga is an individual journey that helps you learn more about your body, your heart and your mind. It allows you to explore who you are and have the courage to show your authentic unique awesome self to the world.

Some people ask:

‘I am not flexible can I practice Yoga?

Being able to do pretzel posture (legs behind your head, that looks like a pretzel) does not symbolise an advanced Yogi. If it was about how bendy we are, then that would qualify children as advanced Yogis! When it comes to Yoga, I can promise you the level of contortion is not symbolic of how advanced you are. Yes, it can take years of disciplined practice to master a curly pose, but if the mind is distracted, the breath is ragged or if your ego takes over to get you there, then the yoga is lost. Yoga is about creating an internal union that can happen in any posture. There are different levels of each position that you can achieve and a good Yoga teacher can pitch the session to your capabilities, stretching you as far as your body can go with the help of blocks and other equipment.

I have been practicing Yoga since 2008 with many wonderful teachers and different styles of Yoga. I completed a British School of Yoga (est 1946) advanced Hatha Yoga level 3. I completed my teacher training with Nichi Green in Leeds (Director and founder of the Yoga space, and teaching in Leeds for 15 years).

Our Yoga Teacher

I am a Registered Yoga Teacher 200 (200 hours deepening yoga knowledge and asana practice including anatomy training) teacher with Yoga Alliance UK. This accreditation demonstrates excellent standards as set by Yoga Alliance UK, which sets high standards and maintains a register of qualified Yoga teachers.

What equipment do you need? A yoga mat would be good, but there are mats available. There is no special clothing required, just something comfortable and loose enough to allow the different positions to be achieved. There is intended to be an early session for beginners at 5.30 – 6.30 and further sessions for more experienced students, at 6.30 – 7.30, Monday and Wednesday at Crossgates Chiropody and Therapy Centre, Austhorpe Road, Crossgates

Moon Liew

Moon Liew


I have been attending sessions with Moon for over a year, and I think she… “I have been attending sessions”

Lynn Deane
11th December 2019

I have been attending sessions with Moon for over a year. I am 61 years… “Each lesson has been different but equally challenging”

15th April 2020


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