Our Beauty Centre : The Beauty Spot

Based within this centre is a well established friendly, family run beauty business. We have been in the Crossgates area for nearly 30 years and have a well established clientele.

We pride ourselves on the excellent customer service we provide and strive to make sure all clients, female and male alike, are assured of a warm and friendly welcome.

We are keen to discuss any issues relating to health and beauty and our therapists are fully qualified to offer advice on treatments and offer solutions.

An extensive range of beauty treatments are on offer at affordable prices. We try to keep this price list up to date but prices may change. These are our guide prices. Please check at reception.

Beauty Treatments include:

Facial and skin care

  • Facials from 45mins-1hr (suits all skin types includes eyebrow shape) from £26.00
  • Cleanse and mask 30 mins (suitable for younger skins with a tendency for oily breakouts.) £20.00
  • Makeup (bridal) from £50.00
  • Bridal/special occasions package includes eyebrow shape.
  • Brides may choose to have makeup treatments at home.

Body Treatments

  • Body polish &massage £40.00 (Full body exfoliation to brighten and smooth the skin,plus oil or cream relaxing massage, ideal before holidays.)
  • Full body massage 1hr £36.00 (This massage uses essential oils mixed to suit your skin requirements, choose relaxing or uplifting, very good to de-stress)
  • Back massage 30 mins £24.00 (Relaxing de-stress back massage)
  • Neck, back & shoulder massage 45 mins £28.00
  • Body tanning 1hr £40.00 Full or part applied tan. (Ideal for special occasions or pre-holiday)

Waxing & Electrolysis

Removal of body hair, lasts up to 6 weeks.

  • Half leg (incl knees) £22.00
  • Full leg(incl bikini line) £30.00
  • Half leg,under arm & bikini line £30.00
  • Bikini line/Brazilian £10.00
  • Lip & chin £8.00
  • Underarm £9.00
  • Back Wax £20.00

A discount is available for waxing treatments booked together.

Holiday Package:  Lash & Brow, Half Leg Wax, Bikini Line and Underarm £40.00

Electrolysis from £10.00 (Permanent hair removal or removal of thread veins, warts and skin tags.)
We use sterex disposable needles and a consultation is essential

Hands and feet

  • Pedicure £25.00 (Pampering foot treatment includes polish)
  • Manicure £20.00 (Pampering hand treatment includes polish)

Eye treatments

Ideal for holidays,occasions or just a complete grooming experience

  • Eyebrow shape £8.00
  • Eyebrow tint £8.50
  • Lash tint £10.00
  • Lash extensions from £15.00
  • Lash & brow £15.00

Hot stone therapy / massage


Hot stone therapy / massage is a kind of massage that uses treated volcanic rocks such as basalt and basinite that are believed to promote relaxation as well as eliminating negative energy within the client’s body, mind and soul.

On most treatment, the stones are put on the chakra points of the body along the spine. The chakra points are the body’s energy centre. When stimulated, it balances energy flow throughout the body.

Hot stone therapy / massage is considered more gentle to the body compared with deep tissue massage, since hot stone practitioners use the stone instead of their hands to massage. However therapists are still able to reach ten times deeper during the massage than traditional techniques.

It is believed that the combination of warmth and cool treatment can encourage the body to relax, detox and heal.

Other benefits of hot stone massage / therapy could include:

  • muscle relaxation
  • ease stress and recharge energy levels
  • releases toxins
  • improve blood circulation
  • decrease muscle and back pain
  • relieve arthritis
  • relieve stress and anxiety
  • improve circulation
  • prevent insomnia
  • reduce depression
  • improve symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis (MS)


£35.00 per session or 3 sessions for £95.00

Facial Enhancement – anti wrinkle treatments

Free consultation – find out more details on our dedicated facial enhancements page.

Trish – The Beauty Spot

Trish The Beauty Spot


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Sam - 12th Feb
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A lovely friendly place. Tricia was very personable and did a wonderful manicure. Will book… “Tricia was very personable and did a wonderful manicure”

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