Counselling at Crossgates Chiropody & Therapy Centre

Counselling and Psychotherapy offer you a place to be heard and listened to, a place to talk about difficult experiences and feelings and a safe, confidential impartial place where you will not be judged. As a couple or family there will be opportunities to have sessions both together and individually.

How many times do we hear others say ‘cheer up’, and similar remarks? Growing up hearing these means we are being invalidated. Counselling has the potential to validate your feelings and experiences and make you feel whole.

To begin to discover who you are and know your feelings is a major achievement that can come from counselling and psychotherapy. Our therapy room is a warm, safe and comfortable environment for you to feel that you can talk freely.

Your First Counselling Session

The initial session gives you an opportunity to explain what your concerns are and why you think counselling might be helpful at this stage in your life /lives . You will also get a sense of how it feels to share your concerns. From that session we will be able to establish what the challenges are that are being faced and can generally offer hope about how on-going counselling will be helpful to you.

If you decide to have more sessions that will be an opportunity to explore your issues, emotions, fears, relationships and behaviours. The issues may impact on you alone or may also be having a negative impact on those around you. The counselling sessions will help you to discover how and why things have, or are impacting on you, in the way they are, understand what change is possible and ultimately help you to move forward in a way that is helpful for you.

How can counselling help you?

Our councellors can assist with the  following issues;

  • Anxiety / Worry / Stress
  • Love / Relationship issues
  • LGBT relationships
  • Anger
  • Depression
  • Inner passivity
  • Self Worth / Self Esteem / Self-Harm / Identity and the Self
  • Bereavement and loss
  • Abuse / Relationship Trauma
  • Addiction(s) / Obsessions / OCD / Phobias
  • Impact of addictions on a Relationship
  • General counselling
  • Sexual / Intimacy issues
  • Post-traumatic stress
  • Work related issues / Redundancy
  • Relationships – including couples, partners, families, and friends
  • Parenting (including becoming grandparents)
  • Issues with School
  • Communication / Conflict resolution
  • Divorce / Separation

Price available on consultation, but our first session is FREE.


Michael Alexander

Michael Alexander

MBACP Registered

BSc, Dip.Couns

Kim Walton

Kim Walton - counselling

RELATE certified
Master’s – Relationship Therapy
Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy




Registration L54911009
Tel 0113 2266677 / 0113 2606336