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Average Rating: 5 stars (based on 51 ratings)

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Janice spotted me in the waiting room with very limited movement in my neck and thought she could help me.  After a couple of acupuncture sessions with her my neck started to loosen and improve.

I have now had several sessions and I am amazed at how this treatment has improved both movement and pain levels in my neck. I now have normal movement and hardly any pain.

Thank you so much Janice.

Colette - March 2018
22nd March 2018

I have been seeing Theresa for many years. My feet have never felt better. Going regularly I never have the pain of ingrown toenails now.
Everyone is very friendly and I have often been offered a tea or coffee.
Don’t hesitate if your feet are problematic, give the centre a call.

Diane Lenton
11th April 2020

Great chiropodist, very friendly staff, the only place I trust my feet with. Highly recommended

Andrea Hofmire
1st July 2020

Tuesday May 10th was my first visit to the clinic and it was altogether a lovely experience.
I was introduced to Rachel, such a kind lady and a total professional, who realising l was a tiny bit anxious, treated me with a great deal of patience.
In recent months l have had rather a lot to deal with and finding time to unwind hasn’t been easy.
Chatting with Rachel while she attended to my somewhat neglected feet, was an opportunity for me to relax a little for the first time in a long time.
You’re a superstar Rachel.
Thank you so much.
Kindest Regards,

Caroline Braham
18th May 2022

My time spent with Caroline over the last few years has been incredibly special to me.

Caroline has helped me heal and grow both mentally and physically with her amazing Angelic Reiki and Reflexology treatments. I always feel at peace, calm, balanced and totally energized after a session with her. Also if I have a specific health problem for example my aching knee, or tension in my shoulders, Caroline will always work more closely on that area unblocking negative energy. I have managed to avoided conventional drugs and even a potential operation on my jaw because of her healing hands!

I always call Caroline my true earth Angel….Thank you x

Jane S
12th April 2020

I suffer with a vast amount of Earwax and Dry Skin and now find that the Clinic I visited for the removal of both earwax and dry skin has now closed as the NHS withdrew Support.

As a result I made a telephone call to Simon ( Earguru ) who visited my home and removed the blockage painlessly by the Suction Method. I found that Simon was a down to earth Guy who is fully qualified in the field and also a Fully qualified Audiologist. Worth a call if you suffer with Ear Wax

Micky Booth
15th April 2020

If you are open to trying acupuncture, I would certainly recommend it.  I had suffered aches and pain in my upper back for several years.  In the past I had responded well to chiropractic treatment, but that was having no effect.  I’d been referred to physiotherapy, but the improvements were very small.  A friend recommended Janice to me, and after reading about acupuncture, it made sense to me that this might really help. And, oh, it did!

I felt that Janice really understood the pain I experienced and took time to understand what might be causing it.  She did not promise miracles, but I felt a noticeable difference after the first session.  Janice will recommend a frequency of sessions but let me decide if I wanted to follow that.  There is no pressure to come back any more often than I feel I need to.  I find this reassuring and empowering and is not what I had experienced with other treatments and practitioners.

I wholeheartedly recommend Janice if you are considering acupuncture.

21st March 2018

I Have been visiting & having Chiropody treatment for the last ” 15 + YEARS ” with Theresa mainly, but had most of the other Chiropodists as well, the odd time when I’ve forgot to book myself in! Very professional & friendly at all times, all the staff are very polite & can’t do enough for you : )

The atmosphere @ all times is buzzing & relaxed, at the same time is always very organised for all the clients who frequent there. 😘👍👍

I still remember having my bikini wax 13yrs ago at the other premises on Austhorpe Road with Tricia, a couple of hours later I went into labour with my 1St child 😆😆

They all have “very busy working days/weeks all year round ” 💟💝 but always maintain a friendly, relaxed fun atmosphere.



Mark Wade
11th August 2018

I first visited the clinic some three years ago to seek help and treatment through acupuncture for a long-standing back problem and stress.

The treatment received and the care and attention to detail was and always has been first class. I still have regular treatment today and it has made such a difference and would fully recommend the clinic.

Graham - Feb 2018
22nd March 2018

This ear wax removal was honestly one of the best purchases I’ve ever made, didn’t realise how blocked my ears really were. Extremely satisfying. The guy was very welcoming and helpful and the process was quick and easy. Would recommend to anyone with any amount of ear blockage.

Joey Williamson
15th April 2020

Rachel has been fantastic looking after my feet. I’ve been coming a few years & more recently have suffered with a sore nail in my big toe digging in. Rachel sorted this without the need for medication or surgery. Would Highly recommend her

Louise Barnes
1st March 2022

My wife booked me a colonic irrigation as a surprise , I was hesitant at first but so glad I attended, I feel a different man ???????????????? thank you so much Elizabeth

David Benson
21st June 2023

This is an excellent chiropody pracrice which I have been visiting for approximately 6 years. During this time I have received excellent care, treatment & advice from Rachel & consequently the condition of my feet has shown considerable improvement.

The reception team are always very helpful & professional & the environment is very clean & welcoming

I would definitely recommend.

Joan Umpleby

Joan Umpleby
23rd March 2022

Fantastic choice of technology from all the hearing manufacturers brought to full realisation by Simon. Incredibly thorough and tailor made consultation focused just on my needs and lifestyle. Simon demonstrated many different hearing aids so I could make my decision based upon what I preferred not just one that other audiologists had recommended. The information was clear on the pro’s and con’s of each one.
The testing process was first class, not rushed and fully explained and he helped me to understand where I will improve but also what will not.

The EarGuru has made my hearing brilliant, incredible value for money and my family are delighted. If you live near Thorne nr. Doncaster or any of his day clinics around Leeds, do not go elsewhere…he is first class!

15th April 2020

Welcoming friendly environment. Lots of treatments and therapies. A haven to relax and de-stress in. Highly recommended

Deborah Hunt
11th April 2020

I moved to Huddersfield a couple of years ago and after an experience of a chiropodist in that town I came back to the Crossgates centre. The staff are lovely, friendly and professional. There is a holistic approach to your feet which leaves you in no doubt you are in good hands!

philippa driscoll
11th April 2019

I am really funny about having my feet touched thought I wouldn’t be able to go through with the treatment but Emma was really friendly and understanding, put me at ease and now I go every 6 weeks.

My feet are now amazing, also all the staff are really friendly and welcoming.

Lorraine Manley
11th February 2020

If your injured or just in need of some therapy this is the place to go. Mark is fantastic, very knowledgeable and offers advise too.

Matt Worsman
15th April 2020

I have been attending sessions with Moon for over a year, and I think she is wonderful. I was carrying some injuries initially and Moon was able to modify the sessions to help relieve and strengthen these injuries, which now no longer affect me.

Each lesson is different but equally challenging. She gently pushes you as far as your body allows you with ‘just a little more and just a little longer’, making you aware of how your body responds. If you think a position is too difficult, Moon can modify it so you can still achieve a beneficial movement.

I aim to elicit a ‘good’ from Moon, it means I have done well. My balance is constantly challenged but is improving along with my strength and flexibility. I have found a core I didn’t know existed.

Yoga has also improved my game of badminton. There is a lovely relaxation part at the beginning and end of the session, with the reward of some essential lavender oil. Moon has given us a sun salutation routine to practice at home too.

I love my weekly Yoga sessions.

Lynn Deane
11th December 2019

I had my first ever Podiatry/chiropody appointment today. Janette was very professional, warm and welcoming. I was put at ease straight away. I cannot recommend highly enough. I came away with my feet revitalised, and lots of advice on how to keep them tip top.

Jonathan Floyd
28th February 2024

Just been for chiropody appt excellent as always from Theresa feels like i am walking on air

9th March 2022

To find myself in “Caroline’s hands” is the best thing that has happened to me since the loss of my Mother and caring for my Father.

It is nearly four years ago now since the first time I went to Caroline for Reiki and Reflexology not knowing what to expect. We all have our problems and sometimes we find ourselves unable to know how to deal with our approach to each problem. I find myself carrying anger and fear around with me and am unable to shake it off. Caroline is able to lift the anxiousness and stress away from my body and mind, each time to start afresh It is an amazing feeling, you go in to see Caroline with the weight of the world on your shoulders and you come out in your own little secure bubble with this amazing relaxed feeling in body
and mind!

12th April 2020

Rachael was welcoming and I felt at ease in her company, I had been avoiding getting my feet out for years so I bit the bullet and booked in! I’m so glad I did, thank you so much and see you in 6 weeks ????

21st June 2023

Everything is nice about my treatments with Caroline, except when it finishes! I’m a big believer in the power of reflexology and reiki, it has definitely helped with my anxiety and any other concerns that have popped up over the time I have been seeing her. I count down the days to my next appointment and wish I could come more often!

Lynne W
12th April 2020

Mark is an excellent physio. Really identifies what needs fixing and fixes it. I feel better every time I go to him.

Haris Muhammad
15th April 2020

I have been attending sessions with Moon for over a year. I am 61 years old and went to Yoga to improve my flexibility and was carrying a shoulder injury and had recently broken some bones in my hand. Moon can modify her sessions to help improve and strengthen the injury. The result is that my elbow and hand injury are no longer a problem for me.

Each lesson has been different but equally challenging. She pushes you as far as your body allows you to go, and then just a little bit more and a little bit longer, making you aware of how your body responds. If a position is too difficult she can modify it so you can still achieve a beneficial movement.

The aim is to elicit a ‘good’ from Moon, it means I have done well. It is still a challenge to my balance but my game of badminton has improved, and my strength and flexibility have improved. Then there is a lovely relaxation part at the beginning and end of the hour long session, with the reward of some essential lavender oil! There is a sun salutation that Moon has shown us to practice when we are at home.

15th April 2020

Excellent service. Very professional. I don’t mind paying £31 to have my feet feel as soft and looked after.

1st March 2022

No more facial hair after 6 sessions of laser.

Thankyou. No more expense. Thankyou

Emma - 12th Sept
22nd March 2018

A lovely friendly place. Tricia was very personable and did a wonderful manicure. Will book again.

Liz wilson
15th April 2020

I had my feet done by Raj..very thorough and I now have “HAPPY FEET!”….. very pleased indeed.

Thank you.

Joanna Cikara
25th January 2018

I attend the Therapy Centre for Acupuncture with Janice Thompson.

Janice has treated me with a welcoming manner in a professional and caring capacity always and has helped me in many areas through Acupuncture.

From someone who is squeamish with ‘needles’ this has been a very rewarding therapy and I would not hesitate to recommend Janice and the Therapy Centre.

Adele Harrington, January 2017
18th January 2018

I decided this treatment when the NHS failed to give me any real options for my health. I started visited Janice for acupuncture session around 6 years ago. Janice is a warm, compassionate practitioner who was so easy to explain the status of my health to. She is extremely knowledgeable around acupuncture and physiology which gave me every confidence. I have visited other alternative therapist without much faith or joy however this wasn’t the case with Janice.

The treatments were intensive at first and my health issues improved. Now I’m at a place where I attend monthly for a ‘maintenance’ session. I always feel so much more balanced, alert and relaxed afterwards. Highly recommended – don’t deliberate she’s the one to go to!

22nd March 2018

I had never tried Reflexology or Reiki before and I have to admit I had some trepidation about the whole experience. However upon walking into the reception I got a very warm, friendly welcome and I relaxed immediately. Lovely staff, great atmosphere. What’s more I am now totally sold on both Reflexology and Reiki! Thank you so much Theresa, you truly are simply splendid!

Lindsay Sexton
11th May 2018

A very helpful service – very sensitive to the needs of his customers; uses the very latest technology and developments in the field.

Ian Parkes
15th April 2020

It is almost four years ago that I overcame my fear of needles, and booked an appointment with Janice Thompson to have acupuncture on my painful back, the result of a motor accident many years ago. I have had all types of Physio and Traction over the years, with minimum success.

I cannot believe how much improvement there has been with my back, for the past six months my back problem has been nearly non existent and I am now having treatment for my painful wrists and elbow, caused by years in the Building industry and sport. Once again the acupuncture is working wonders.

I started initially having treatment on a fortnightly basis but as my ailments improved we agreed to have treatment on a four to six week basis. I am always treated in a very friendly and professional manner, and I would recommend this treatment and Acupuncturist to anybody.

Martin - Jan 2018
22nd March 2018

A session with Caroline recovers my calm and gives me peace of mind.

Treatment sessions with Caroline over the last 2 years have made a significant contribution to the improvement in my overall health and increased the level of recovery from serious injuries and surgery.

Caroline is very caring, considerate, experienced and flexible as a practitioner for different holistic treatments and I have experienced both reflexology and reiki treatments on a regular basis over the past 2 years with excellent results.

Chris H
12th April 2020

I have had 4 sessions with Rachel so far and I cannot believe the difference it has made to my feet! Not only has Rachel significantly improved my feet but she also advises on home care which makes all the difference between appointments, explaining exactly how each treatment works. I would definitely recommend!!

Emma Farrell
15th January 2019

Reflexology is really good. Nice surroundings and you are well looked after, recommend it.

Lynn Rowbottom
11th January 2020

Amazing staff. Very welcoming as soon as you walk through the door! Everyone is so friendly and the customers are amazing! Highly recommend😊

Amy X
11th April 2017

I have been in agony for over 6 weeks. Pain killers from Dr. Did not even touch the Sciatica. I went to see Olivia just over a week ago. And started to feel less pain more or less straight away. After my second session yesterday . I am starting to feel like my old self. I could not remember what it was like not to feel pain. I was ready to try anything to feel less pain. And YES that is Olivia. With her gentle and soothing therapy. Excellent service. I will recommend Olivia Bowen to my family and friends.

17th April 2019

Janice – thank you so, so much for applying your acupuncture skills to my back. I have tried so many other coping strategies to find relief for my back pain, but all to no long-term effect. Acupuncture has been the only therapy which has worked and continues to work.

I can’t praise it enough – thank you again, you are brilliant.

Susan - March 2018
22nd March 2018

Visited Rachel this morning – excellent service as always – Thank you

Stephen Myatt
25th October 2023

Had the most amazing Reiki and Reflexology today with Caroline, her work is like magic. The pain I was suffering were released after my first session, so this was my second treatment.

Reiki and Reflexology are therapies that are practised in a completely different way, they are both energy based therapies that improve health and wellbeing and help to reduce stress levels and aid relaxation.

Thank you so much Caroline.

22nd February 2023

Just finished 6 laser sessions and it has worked!

After years of unwanted hair+lots of expense I am throwing away my tweezers.

Thanks, would recommend.

Sam - 12th Feb
22nd March 2018

My feet are my grounding and support me as I stand on them most of the day. My chiropodist Theresa has her work cut out. She is always there to help with advice and gives me the best feeling feet, I enter in pain to Theresa and dance out of there. Always guaranteed to receive a nice warm welcoming greeting at reception.

16th October 2018

I recently had treatment to my feet and felt the need to express my satisfaction with the treatment and recommendations given.

The use of Tea-Tree oil has worked like a miracle!

Kally - 1st Sept 2017
22nd March 2018

I had been think of having colon cleansing for many years but never took the plunge! In August this year I finally decided to give it a go. I met Liz and was immediately put at ease. My first session went extremely well (if you know what I mean). Liz discussed my lifestyle and gave me advice on my diet and what changes I could consider making to help with my bowel. I took this advice and made multiple changes and can feel and see the difference. I have just had my second session and have booked back in in 6 weeks time. So, if it is something you have been thinking about but wary of trying, I would highly suggest booking a phone call with Liz.

Claire Prior
25th October 2023

What a guy!! Relatively new to running and on the back of the Endure 24 event, I was feeling tight to say the least. Feel much better after just 1 x 1/2 hr sports massage from Mark. He also happens to be an authority on running training, which is useful for me as a newcomer to the sport. Cant speak highly enough of him. So pleased I now have his number in my phone for future. Thank you so much !!

Andy Wilson
15th April 2020

I regard my 90-minute session with Caroline an essential part of my wellbeing. The reflexology she offers is relaxing and soothing and particularly helpful with niggling problems. The reiki that follows is so soothing that I lose track of time. Caroline is highly professional. She is a gentle practitioner and an excellent listener who responds to what she senses are the client’s needs.

There are times when I can chatter away and then lapse into long comfortable silences. The atmosphere in the treatment room is quiet and calm. I come away revived, relaxed and looking forward to the next session.

Jan Brown
12th April 2020

Thank you so much Simon, very professional, super knowledgeable and really flexible with appointment times. highly recommend!!

Rebecca Harvey
15th April 2020

A wonderful practice!
Always a lovely warm welcome from Diane on reception and Sarah is a brilliant chiropodist!!
It is a pleasure to attend once a month to get my feet well treated.

Michael Michaelson
29th June 2021

Average Rating: 5 stars (based on 51 ratings)

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