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I attend the Therapy Centre for Acupuncture with Janice Thompson.

Janice has treated me with a welcoming manner in a professional and caring capacity always and has helped me in many areas through Acupuncture.

From someone who is squeamish with ‘needles’ this has been a very rewarding therapy and I would not hesitate to recommend Janice and the Therapy Centre.

Adele Harrington, January 2017
18th January 2018

I had my feet done by Raj..very thorough and I now have “HAPPY FEET!”….. very pleased indeed.

Thank you.

Joanna Cikara
25th January 2018

If you are open to trying acupuncture, I would certainly recommend it.  I had suffered aches and pain in my upper back for several years.  In the past I had responded well to chiropractic treatment, but that was having no effect.  I’d been referred to physiotherapy, but the improvements were very small.  A friend recommended Janice to me, and after reading about acupuncture, it made sense to me that this might really help. And, oh, it did!

I felt that Janice really understood the pain I experienced and took time to understand what might be causing it.  She did not promise miracles, but I felt a noticeable difference after the first session.  Janice will recommend a frequency of sessions but let me decide if I wanted to follow that.  There is no pressure to come back any more often than I feel I need to.  I find this reassuring and empowering and is not what I had experienced with other treatments and practitioners.

I wholeheartedly recommend Janice if you are considering acupuncture.

21st March 2018

I decided this treatment when the NHS failed to give me any real options for my health. I started visited Janice for acupuncture session around 6 years ago. Janice is a warm, compassionate practitioner who was so easy to explain the status of my health to. She is extremely knowledgeable around acupuncture and physiology which gave me every confidence. I have visited other alternative therapist without much faith or joy however this wasn’t the case with Janice.

The treatments were intensive at first and my health issues improved. Now I’m at a place where I attend monthly for a ‘maintenance’ session. I always feel so much more balanced, alert and relaxed afterwards. Highly recommended – don’t deliberate she’s the one to go to!

22nd March 2018

Janice – thank you so, so much for applying your acupuncture skills to my back. I have tried so many other coping strategies to find relief for my back pain, but all to no long-term effect. Acupuncture has been the only therapy which has worked and continues to work.

I can’t praise it enough – thank you again, you are brilliant.

Susan - March 2018
22nd March 2018

Janice spotted me in the waiting room with very limited movement in my neck and thought she could help me.  After a couple of acupuncture sessions with her my neck started to loosen and improve.

I have now had several sessions and I am amazed at how this treatment has improved both movement and pain levels in my neck. I now have normal movement and hardly any pain.

Thank you so much Janice.

Colette - March 2018
22nd March 2018

I first visited the clinic some three years ago to seek help and treatment through acupuncture for a long-standing back problem and stress.

The treatment received and the care and attention to detail was and always has been first class. I still have regular treatment today and it has made such a difference and would fully recommend the clinic.

Graham - Feb 2018
22nd March 2018

It is almost four years ago that I overcame my fear of needles, and booked an appointment with Janice Thompson to have acupuncture on my painful back, the result of a motor accident many years ago. I have had all types of Physio and Traction over the years, with minimum success.

I cannot believe how much improvement there has been with my back, for the past six months my back problem has been nearly non existent and I am now having treatment for my painful wrists and elbow, caused by years in the Building industry and sport. Once again the acupuncture is working wonders.

I started initially having treatment on a fortnightly basis but as my ailments improved we agreed to have treatment on a four to six week basis. I am always treated in a very friendly and professional manner, and I would recommend this treatment and Acupuncturist to anybody.

Martin - Jan 2018
22nd March 2018

I recently had treatment to my feet and felt the need to express my satisfaction with the treatment and recommendations given.

The use of Tea-Tree oil has worked like a miracle!

Kally - 1st Sept 2017
22nd March 2018

Just finished 6 laser sessions and it has worked!

After years of unwanted hair+lots of expense I am throwing away my tweezers.

Thanks, would recommend.

Sam - 12th Feb
22nd March 2018

My feet are my grounding and support me as I stand on them most of the day. My chiropodist Theresa has her work cut out. She is always there to help with advice and gives me the best feeling feet, I enter in pain to Theresa and dance out of there. Always guaranteed to receive a nice warm welcoming greeting at reception.

16th October 2018

I have had 4 sessions with Rachel so far and I cannot believe the difference it has made to my feet! Not only has Rachel significantly improved my feet but she also advises on home care which makes all the difference between appointments, explaining exactly how each treatment works. I would definitely recommend!!

Emma Farrell
15th January 2019

I have been in agony for over 6 weeks. Pain killers from Dr. Did not even touch the Sciatica. I went to see Olivia just over a week ago. And started to feel less pain more or less straight away. After my second session yesterday . I am starting to feel like my old self. I could not remember what it was like not to feel pain. I was ready to try anything to feel less pain. And YES that is Olivia. With her gentle and soothing therapy. Excellent service. I will recommend Olivia Bowen to my family and friends.

17th April 2019

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