Sports Massage

Sports Massage is effective in the prevention and treatment of many issues such as sports injuries, back, neck or shoulder pain.

Are you into your fitness and struggling in the gym or not performing your best in running or cycling, for example? You may be long due a sports massage to restore optimal muscle function.

If you are experiencing any symptoms such as ‘heavy legs’, ‘tight shoulders’, ‘back ache’ or any muscular pain, please get in touch and I’ll be grateful to help.

How does a Sports / Deep Tissue massage help you?

Day to day activities such as sitting for long periods, driving, cycling, running and swimming, result in the build up of tension and toxins within the muscles. You may feel a burning or achy/heavy feeling in your muscles, which progressively gets worse with time.

Having a massage at this point will promote a fresh supply of blood to your muscles, realign the muscle fibres, release the trigger points, and to sum it up, make you feel amazing!

By applying a number of muscle manipulation techniques we alleviate pain and niggles caused by both sports injuries and repetitive movements. Services include:

  • medical acupuncture/dry needling,
  • deep tissue and sports massage

Our Therapist

Mark Smith is the Sports Therapist based at Crossgates Chiropody and Therapy Centre, Leeds.

Mark became a professionally qualified sports therapist in 2008. He has a vast amount of experience in dealing with customers experiencing back, neck, shoulder pain, or those who are experiencing any sports related and/or postural issues. He will provide you with a quality treatment, and prescribe post care advice including any relevant stretching and strengthening exercises he feels  necessary.

Mark Smith

Mark -Sports Massage


What a guy!! Relatively new to running and on the back of the Endure 24… “Also happens to be an authority on running training”

Andy Wilson
15th April 2020

Mark is an excellent physio. Really identifies what needs fixing and fixes it. I feel… “Mark is an excellent physio”

Haris Muhammad
15th April 2020


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