Read this if you wear high heels!

We know women love high heels, but their feet don’t – they can cause all sorts of foot problems including, nail trauma, blisters, corns and calluses, knee and back pain and also affect general health causing knee and back pain. So if you want to continue wearing high heels we have a few tips for you to minimise any damage:

1. Don’t wear high heels everyday. Keep them for ‘special occasions’.

2. The maximum heel height should be no more than 5 cm.

3. Slow down, take smaller steps and shorten your stride when wearing heels.

4. Get your size right! High heels still need that all important half inch of space in the shoe beyond the longest toe.

5. After wearing heels, exercise the calf, heel and foot muscles by stretching them out. Give them a gentle soak and then massage in a little foot cream and relax with your feet up!



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