I have been attending sessions with Moon for over a year. I am 61 years old and went to Yoga to improve my flexibility and was carrying a shoulder injury and had recently broken some bones in my hand. Moon can modify her sessions to help improve and strengthen the injury. The result is that my elbow and hand injury are no longer a problem for me.

Each lesson has been different but equally challenging. She pushes you as far as your body allows you to go, and then just a little bit more and a little bit longer, making you aware of how your body responds. If a position is too difficult she can modify it so you can still achieve a beneficial movement.

The aim is to elicit a ‘good’ from Moon, it means I have done well. It is still a challenge to my balance but my game of badminton has improved, and my strength and flexibility have improved. Then there is a lovely relaxation part at the beginning and end of the hour long session, with the reward of some essential lavender oil! There is a sun salutation that Moon has shown us to practice when we are at home.