I have been attending sessions with Moon for over a year, and I think she is wonderful. I was carrying some injuries initially and Moon was able to modify the sessions to help relieve and strengthen these injuries, which now no longer affect me.

Each lesson is different but equally challenging. She gently pushes you as far as your body allows you with ‘just a little more and just a little longer’, making you aware of how your body responds. If you think a position is too difficult, Moon can modify it so you can still achieve a beneficial movement.

I aim to elicit a ‘good’ from Moon, it means I have done well. My balance is constantly challenged but is improving along with my strength and flexibility. I have found a core I didn’t know existed.

Yoga has also improved my game of badminton. There is a lovely relaxation part at the beginning and end of the session, with the reward of some essential lavender oil. Moon has given us a sun salutation routine to practice at home too.

I love my weekly Yoga sessions.



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